Poster-Cutter 2050

Inline Cutting Machine

Our Poster-Cutter 2050 was developed for high-performance post-processing in industrial use and works quickly and robustly. It is suitable for the production of posters in different formats and is ideal for companies that produce large quantities of posters and require fast and reliable processing.

All benefits at a glance

Learn all about the benefits of the inline cutter from Ellerhold here. Simply click on the desired component and discover how our Poster-Cutter 2050 can help you in your daily work, make your processes more efficient and save resources.
Poster-Cutter 2050

10 m buffer for continous printing

The 10 m buffer ensures that work can continue without interruption. The printing press can continue to work continuously and fill the buffer, for example when removing the finished print products from the delivery table.

Precision meets efficiency

Our Poster-Cutter 2050 is the perfect addition to modern digital presses. The cutting machine is capable of handling the maximum machine speed without interruption. This not only saves you time, but also optimizes your paper and energy consumption.

Easy handling

The Poster-Cutter 2050 is characterized by its simple operation and the clearly arranged control panel. By means of handwheels outside the machine, the longitudinal knives can be positioned precisely. Cross cuts are controlled by print marks and it is possible to automatically eject non-printed areas (e.g. during job changes).
Easy handling
Optional center cutting

Optional center cutting

An additional cutting unit can be purchased for the production of two-up products. This allows a minimum product width of 590 mm to be realized. The cutting unit can be installed and removed quickly and easily.

Quality comes first

High production readiness and durability is the basic philosophy of all Ellerhold machines. Every Ellerhold machine is characterized by a robust and industrial design down to the smallest detail. The development and construction of the Poster-Cutter 2050 is specifically designed for trouble-free use in 24/7 operation.
Quality comes first
Sustainability in focus

Sustainability in focus

For a reliable and sustainable function of the machine, only durable, high-quality and robust components from well-known brand manufacturers are used. High availability and reliable function of the machine guarantees preservation of resources.

Specifications & dimensions

Here you will find all the information about the dimensions and the technical data of the Poster-Cutter 2050. Feel free to download the data sheet or contact us if you have any further questions about the Poster-Cutter 2050.

General parameters

  • Minimum width
    1200 mm
  • Maximum width
    2050 mm
  • Minimum length
    500 mm
  • Maximum length
    2200 mm
  • Substrate
    100 - 400 g/sqm *
  • Power consumption
    600 W
  • Compressed air
    6 - 8 bar
  • Cutting accuracy
    ± 1 mm
* Y-Cut max. 200 g/sqm

Productivity per product length

  • 500 mm
    830 products / hour
  • 800 mm
    750 products / hour
  • 1000 mm
    700 products / hour
  • 1200 mm
    650 products / hour
  • 1600 mm
    560 products / hour
  • 2000 mm
    470 products / hour
  • Data sheet
  • Contact
    Contact us

Contact us - we look forward to hearing from you

If you have any questions about our machines or need personal consultation, we are always at your disposal. Please feel free to contact us by email or call us directly. We look forward to helping you and supporting you with your request.

You are interested in our products?

You are interested in our machines? Feel free to contact us – we look forward to hearing from you!


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This is what our customers say

For our customers we are a reliable and long-term partner. We are proud of our work and of the high quality solutions we develop. It is best to read for yourself what our customers say about us...
Bittner Print Ltd.


Bittner Print Ltd.

„You can't build B-cutters for high-end industrial printers like the Aleph Laforte 400 that can keep up with the production speeds of these machines. That's why both Alephs are absolute A-class printers in the industrial world together with the Ellerhold Group. Ultra fast cutting lines, Poster-Cutter 2050.“ (Show original language)

@bittnerprint (Facebook)
Ellerhold Witten GmbH


Ellerhold Witten GmbH

„The production of mega-light posters for outdoor advertising used to be extremely time-consuming and personnel-intensive. This changed with the introduction of the MLM machines. All processing steps are carried out completely "in line" there. The production stability, reliability and high quality of the machine are particularly noteworthy. In case of problems, Ellerhold Maschinenfabrik GmbH provides fast and unbureaucratic support. In short: Made in Germany has a name here again!“ (Show original language)

Thomas Koch, Abteilungsleiter
Astron Print s.r.o.


Astron Print s.r.o.

„The negotiations with the representatives of Ellerhold were very friendly, personal and human. All agreements are kept and everything runs as it should. Another strong argument in favor of the Poster-Cutter 2050 is the fact that Ellerhold has been using these cutters in its own production for quite some time. This means that the development department always has strong feedback from real production.“

Martin Kliment, COO
Astron Print s.r.o.


Astron Print s.r.o.

„After careful consideration, we decided to integrate the Ellerhold Poster-Cutter 2050 cutting machines into our new production lines. Almost one year of continuous operation of two Poster-Cutter 2050 has shown us that this decision was the right one, which is why we decided to install a third one this year.“

Martin Kliment, COO
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